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If there is no settlement of health care then the future is not going to be easy.  Republicans have made it clear that they don’t agree with Obamacare.  There has even been a government shut down because of health care. There will be a continuous battle of political parties until there can be some sort of compromise.  People will also become aggravated because of the uncertainties of health care.  Health care can be successful but there has to be compromises.  The kinks in health care will have to be fixed and political parties will have to agree to make the future of health care bright.

How I feel now

In the beginning of this blog I really had no clue about health care.  When I first started I didn’t know what exactly Obamacare was and how it could affect North Carolina.  Now at the end of my blog I feel like I know a lot of information about health care.  I feel I could have an educated conversation about what is going on in North Carolina pertaining to Obamacare.  This blog has really let me learn about this huge debate that is going on right now in our country.  I might not know every single fact but I will continue to follow health care to learn even more about it.  I do still feel like I am in the middle when it comes to taking sides on Obamacare.  I see that there are two sides that have good claims and supports but I don’t agree 100 percent with either of them.  There are good and bad parts of the affordable care act and hopefully our country can fix those problems so there is no longer such a huge debate.  It has been interesting to read and learn about health care and in the end I am glad I chose this topic to focus my blog on.

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This website goes through what the online marketplace is.  This is on the online marketplace website so it is reliable.  If you have questions it has a cool little app that lets you talk to a real person and ask any questions you have.

This was a great article relating the affordable care act back to North Carolina.  There were stats and explanations behind North Carolina’s health care.

This was a great website that went through steps to the online marketplace.  The break down and steps made it easy to comprehend what to do with the online marketplace.

This was a website that I got of my links from that connected North Carolina and the affordable care act.  It had many helpful article that benefited my blog.


These are some of the blogs that I read and enjoyed! This is a great blog about the Racial Justice Act in North Carolina.  this blog goes into the racial justice act and the death penalty.  I have been able to learn so much about the background on the death penalty and racial injustice.  The interesting blogs caught my attention and I have been reading since day one!  This blog goes into the education debate in North Carolina.  It’s great to read and learn about how our future education is being affected by the laws passed.  I am very interested to see how something as important as education can be affected.  tells all about the debate in voter id in North Carolina.  It is interesting to see how your voting can be affected with this law.  I really didn’t know anything about the law but this blog has all the answers.

All of these blogs have been very informational and interesting.  Go check them out for yourself!!

My Theory

The link between the state and federal government on health care has cause some major issues.  Obamacare or the affordable care act has caused conflict for both sides of the party.  The main issue with Obamacare is the direct effect to the states resident.  The main focus in North Carolina is the online marketplace and the price.  I do feel like there are problems in the affordable care act that need to be fixed.  There are two very different political parties that do not agree on health care but need to be brought together to save our countries health care.     

To fix the health care will take a lot of compromising but it can be done.  I feel like to bring both sides of this debate will be hard and hurt people’s pride more than anything but it can be done.  Focusing more on North Carolina it would help the high cost of insurance prices if there were more insures on the online marketplace.  The online marketplace will be more efficient if people know what it is and how to use it.  If there were some way to inform people on Obamacare and the points to it I think it can also benefit the affordable care act.  If the cost were lowered and there more options I feel like it would make the people happy.  The political parties need to stop worrying about their own views and do what is best for the people.  The affordable health care act needs to be affordable.  A person shouldn’t have to have insurance if they don’t want it either.  There shouldn’t be a penalty for those to do not pay into health care.  This compromise could help to bring the sides together.  There are parts that both sides are going to have to let go to make the affordable care act to work.  There are issues in Obamacare but we have to live with it now because it’s already been passed.  There are ways to better the act and to bring the two sides together.  Hopefully we can do something as a country that will better the bill.  My solutions are just the start on all the things that can be done to fix this health care act. 

“If you like your coverage, you can keep it”?

President Obama had said “if you like your coverage, you can keep it”.  This statement is not true for most insurance policies now.  The affordable care act has made changes to the criteria of policies that is causing some people’s policy to become obsolete.  The affordable care act is also causing a dramatic raise in premiums that is causing people to rethink their health care plan.  Every policy must now have the 10 “essential health benefits”.  If a policy does not have these 10 benefits then it will be eliminated.  The price of health care has now increased because of new requirements.  So now men will pay more than women because of all the coverage.  In the article it says “using Blue Cross rates, Blount calculated two examples: The premium for a “middle of the road” plan for a 25-year-old healthy male will increase from $124 per month to $240. But the premium for a 25-year-old female will drop from $378 to $240 per month.”  With prices sky rocketing that high people are questioning whether or not to drop to lower coverage.

 It’s not just the new coverage that is making health care prices in North Carolina it’s also the lack of competition.  There are only 2 insures on the online marketplace to purchase insurance from.  One of the insurers is only covering certain counties in North Carolina.  The companies have no one to compete with so no reason to have lower prices.

There are some people who will have help from the government with paying for health care.  As of now though many people are in a panic about price and coverage.  There is a lot to get settled in ObamaCare, and it’s far from perfect.  As always, thank you for reading and comment your thoughts about this blog!

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Health Care Analysis

Health care is a huge issue that is a now continues debate because of ObamaCare.  The central idea of ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act is that everyone will have health insurance even if you cannot afford it.  The downfall with this act is if you do not purchase health insurance then you will be fined through taxes.  Also individuals will have higher premiums to pay to make up for those who will get help.  Depending on where you live private insurers will be available on the online marketplace to buy insurance from.  North Carolina’s governor Pat McCory is opposed to the Affordable Care Act but in favor of helping residents.  There is a lot of confusion behind this change in health care but it affects North Carolina residents directly.

                The online marketplace is controlled by the federal government for North Carolina.  The online marketplace is a website that lets you compare insurance companies that your area provides to buy.  This site also shows different polices and cost.  In North Carolina there are only 2 providers selling insurance.  An insurer dropped out of the online market place because of all the “unknowns” in the exchange. 

                The cost of insurance is increasing for most people.  The lack of polices offered make insurers less competitive.  North Carolina also has fewer policies then most states too.  People are losing the variety of planes from the criteria of the exchange.  The price of these plans are higher than ever.  Until recently companies were keeping their prices a secret from the public.  The premiums of states not supporting ObamaCare are supposed to increases dramatically.  There is also a rise in cost to make up for the people who are not able to pay fully for insurance.   If you do not purchase insurance then you will be taxed extra.  The only way to not be taxed for this is if you applied for Medicaid but didn’t qualify or get benefits.

                Health care is a confusing complicated issue that not a lot of people know fully about.  “If you walk out of the door, about one in five people under 65 are uninsured”.  Many people are not informed about what ObamaCare really is.  Health clinics and community agencies are giving out more information about ObamaCare and the online marketplace.  Also people are now focusing on informing the uninsured about the changes to health care and how it can benefit people.  All the terms, data, and numbers are just too much for people.  There are people who were hired to answer questions about insurance and the online marketplace.  If using the internet or the phone isn’t for you then you can go talk to someone in person about health care.  Some big questions before buying a certain plan can be answered here! 

                There are many complex areas of health care.  ObamaCare has drastically changes health care completely.  Many people are unaware of these changes.  Everything in the affordable care act isn’t all going to plan either.  The first day the online marketplace was open the site was so busy some people couldn’t get on.  The people who could get on had trouble because of being unfamiliar with the new site.  There is also the increase in premiums for most people, but the help from the government for the others.  There is so many sides to this debate to say that ObamaCare is completely awful.  I feel as if there are a lot of kinks in ObamaCare that needs to be fixed to make health insurance truly work for everyone. 

The Good and the Bad…

Helping or hurting? That is the question that everyone is asking about the ObamaCare Affordable Care Act.  Well there is two sides to this health care debate.  The first side is that with the Affordable Care Act people with pre-existing conditions are not turned away from health insurance, and they do not have to pay more. “Brennan, a stay-at-home wife, and her husband, a contractor who works at the Shearon Harris nuclear plant, paid about $25,000 for healthcare last year, largely to cover the costs of her husband’s diabetes treatment.  After consulting with an agent at the Blue Cross store, she said the Affordable Care Act could bring down her family’s annual healthcare bill to as little as $16,000 a year”.  Another benefit is people who do not make enough money to pay for health insurance can qualify for help with paying for insurance.  The bad part of the Affordable Care Act is the counter part of the two benefits.  Who is going to make up the difference in money for the people your helping is the people who can afford insurance.  Now a healthy person will have to pay more for their insurance then they have ever had to pay before.  Insurance prices are jumping because of the difference that people need to pay.  North Carolina only has two privet health insurers on the online marketplace.  Out of the 100 counties in North Carolina not all of the benefits are available in all of them.  The high prices are also caused by the lack of competition in health insurance providers.  So does the good outweigh the bad? For North Carolina it isn’t looking to good.  Yes, there are benefits but the kinks need to be fixed in the Affordable Care Act.  What are your thoughts?? How would it affect you if you had to buy insurance? Thanks again for reading and stay updated!

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Health Insurance Marketplace?

The Affordable Care Act says that states have to provide an online marketplace or exchange.  What is an “online marketplace” you ask?  Well I asked the same exact thing.  An online marketplace is a website where people can shop for health insurance. This online marketplace is going to give people a chance to compare and shop through different privet insurance agencies.  The online marketplace can be ran by the government or the state.  North Carolina has decided to let the government run this site.  Different counties will have different providers who will offer service.  Prices in health care packages also varies from where people live.  “There are four types of plans that are offered in different coverage levels, with the least expensive plan, the bronze tier, covering 60 percent of medical costs. Plans in the silver tier cover 70 percent of costs. Gold plans cover 80 percent. The most expensive tier, platinum, covers 90 percent of medical costs.” Charts used in “North Carolina Insurance Rates a Mixed Bag” shows how age, location, and type of plan can vary in monthly cost.  Not everyone in North Carolina will use the online marketplace.  Many people who already have insurance will keep theirs.  The online marketplace is a tool used to help look for and buy health insurance.  No, a big privet insurance agency doesn’t own the site so you’re safe to shop there.  You don’t have to just apply online for the marketplace.  You can apply online, in person or by mail.  There is also a feature on that lets you chat with a real person if you have any questions about the online market place.  I actually did use the chat feature and the person was nice and responded quickly to my questions.  There is a lot more about the online marketplace and this is just an introduction to the blogs to come.  Feel free to ask questions and comments about this blog post.  I may even use one of your questions for my next post! Thanks for reading and stay updated!